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NEWS / Contests for architects and designers

Both events are forwarded to architects and designers from all over the world. The exhibition of the finalists’ works will be presented at the post-competition exhibition during 25th edition of Trade Show LIGHT 2017 held in Warsaw, Poland on March 22-24, 2017.



The task of this competition is to present "a place for art" in space with lighting playing a major role.

An important element is to embed the "place for art" in a specific cultural context, so that it has a clear impact on the philosophy of process and the final product. This concept should result from the analysis of the relationship of natural and artificial light with the function and form of the object and its surroundings.



Light creates atmosphere at the table - a joyful, festive, romantic, formal and informal. Light can emphasize the taste of dishes, or change it. Skillfully chosen can emphasize the appearance of foods to extract their freshness and juiciness, interact with their colors.

The task is to design lighting element associated with the consumption of meals. It may be a lamp, it can be associated with the detail design of the table, dishes, cutlery, it may be kitchen, dining room, restaurant, cafe, bar, outdoor areas illumination.



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