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Special SSL conference programme

"LED and OLED lighting technology and their application for professional lighting" Conference will be held during the upcoming Trade Show LIGHT in Warsaw, Poland.

The Conference will be forwarded to representatives of Polish lighting industry, LED distributors, manufacturers, energy-efficiency organizations, Polish design community, policy markers and standards organizations and other key stakeholders. We guarantee big audience with participants from all over Poland. The International Trade Show LIGHT 2016 will be visited by more than 20 000 trade professionals.


Conference's topics:

- Advancements in LED technology - What’s new?
- OLED – latest developments, technical data, possibilities of applications
- LED lamps – new solutions and their applications
- What are the critical factors in selecting the LED driver? How to choose a right LED driver?
- LED power supplies
- Design software for LED optics
- Optics for LED devices
- Optical components: collimators, reflectors, lenses etc. for LED systems application
- Cooling Solution for LED lighting (passive heat sinks, active cooling technology)
- Testing equipment for chip and modules, diagnostic methodology
- Photometric measurements of SSL lamps and luminaires
- LED luminaires, new possibilities in designing illumination effects in architectural spaces

- Quite new designing and lighting effects thanks to LED applications
- Improvements and performance in LED lighting for offices, commerce buildings and public sector buildings
- Flexible OLED technologies for lighting applications
- LED lighting - the best method for oudoor lighting today
- LED floodlight systems
- LED lighting – the future of road and street lighting
- Lighting management systems including special attention to LED lighting devices

Lectures during this Conference will be given by representatives of world leading companies specialized in LED lighting.